A Yearly Commercial Treat

What could be better than gathering all of the Commercial attaches from around the world in one room?

On January 6th, the Economic Consuls will be making their way from every corner of the globe to meet, greet, and speak with one another in Tel Aviv. This gathering occurs every year, and switches off between New York City and Tel Aviv.

The event itself provides a rich opportunity for each and every economic consul to share anecdotes, highlight the strength’s, success stories, and pitfalls relative to their individual Economic Mission. There have been a variety of distinguished speakers invited to speak at the event.

Bret Louis Stephen, former editor in chief of the Jerusalem post, will be addressing the consuls, as will Naftali Bennett, Economic Minister to Israel. Additionally, Reinhard Franzen Senior VP of Bayer Healthcare will address the group, as will Alex Maghen, Senior VP of Warner Bros Entertainment, Lauren Sorkin, Platform Director of 100 Resilient Cities, Ren Awambery, Group head if global corporations at Ecobank, Nili Shalev, Commercial Attache of the New York Economic Mission, and finally, Tzfira Asaf, Commercial Attache in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The event is highly anticipated by the commercial attaches, and there are bound to be a variety of fruitful results coming out of this early 2015 affair. 

Author: abby

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