When Space Met Medicine

When Space Met MedicineToday marks a successful exchange of knowledge between NASA and Israeli medical device company, Medgius. NASA fully expects to integrate Medgius’ ScoutCam1.2 into its Visual Inspection Poseable Invertebrate Robot Tool.

As a medical device company, Medigus specializes in building, out of the box endoscopic procedures and devices. More specifically, Medigus is a “pioneer developer” of a one of a kind proprietary endoscopic device for the treatment of GERD, the common, and typically chronic, reflux disease. Medigus, has made a name for itself as it has continued to develop and manufacture endoscopy systems for partner companies and other participants of the medical device field.

NASA will utilize the capabilities of Medigus’ ScoutCam 1.2, to enhance its “visual inspection” faculties in space. CEO of Medigus, Chris Rowland stated: “Our partnership with NASA is a powerful testament to the technological versatility of micro ScoutCam 1.2.”

What a remarkable opportunity for space to meet medicine!

Author: abby

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