V.C.’S on the West Coast

We offer a unique, first look at the most promising start ups coming out of Israel.  Our group provides deal flow for hundreds of funds in the area and if your fund is looking to connect with High-Tech companies in Israel as well as Israeli startups with headquarters in the United States we encourage you to contact us.

General Guidelines for Israeli Start-up Companies Seeking to Raise Capital and/or Find Strategic Partners

The Western U.S.– especially Silicon Valley, San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles– offers many sources for  financing such as venture capital funds, private equity, investment banks, family offices and institutional investors.

Start-up companies seeking to raise capital or to build partnerships with American institutions should keep in mind the following information:

  • Some U.S. funds and financial institutions will not respond to requests from companies that have no business presence in the U.S.
  • Many American investors may want to see, as a precondition, that Israeli funds have already invested in the Israeli company.  American VC’s with no business presence in Israel may be willing to invest in Israeli start- ups in collaboration with an Israeli VC.
  • A company’s stage of development, its technological feasibility and its potential for sales are central factors for fundraising and finding strategic partners. In some cases, American VCs may refrain from considering requests from companies that have not yet reached the revenue stage.



If you’re an Israeli Startup or an American VC Fund looking to work together with us on the West Coast, contact

Yael Kleinman who handles investor relations.