Ultrasound tech turns TVs into Coke vending machines

Ultrasonic sounds – which are out of the range of human ears but can be picked up by other creatures, like dogs and bats – are ideal for communicating with Internet of Things devices, according to Dov-e CEO Yehuda Yehudai. Speaking at the Axis Innovation start-up event in Tel Aviv last week, Yehudai said that ultrasound was superior to either Bluetooth or NFC (near field connection) communications, which Apple, Google, and others were relying on to promote their mobile device payment platforms.

“This project was an excellent opportunity for us to show off our innovation and increase excitement about our brand, by providing a groundbreaking personal experience for consumers. Within minutes of the ad being broadcast we reached thousands of customers, bringing them their orders via Gett. It should be noted that this was the first time that an ad on a TV screen connected with a smartphone in real time, using a new technology from Dov-e that we expect to see used more widely in the future. Coca Cola Israel was proud to be a part of this.”

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Author: Ethan Goldspiel

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