Uber in Israel?

It appears as though Uber can add Israel to the list of countries it operates in. That's right, Uber has been officially launched as UberX in israel!

It looks like Get Taxi will welcome another competitior to the ride sharing game. As quoted in Globes Israel earlier in the year:

"We welcome healthy competition against any company. We have no doubt that, for the first time, if a rival actually enters the mobile taxi hailing market, it will only increase the pie of users, which will benefit drivers and consumers alike."

Although Get Taxi might feel at ease with this new addition to the market, regular cab drivers don't share the same sentiment throughout Israel. According to the Jerusalem post, UberX will still have to persuade the Transportation Ministry to reevaluate basic driver criteria, which currently requires the completion of an eight month special taxi driver course. 

This past June, cab unions acrosss the globe began protesting the presence of Uber X in their cities. Israel's cab union does not plan to go all out with a strike. However, they have already initiated a campaign to convince Israeli lawmakers that Uber does not have the right to operate within Israel. 


Author: abby

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