Technicolor Executives Visit Israel

In late January, the Economic Mission and the Israel Export Institute had the pleasure of hosting Technicolor CEO Frederic Rose along with several excom and board members in Israel to identify opportunities for Technicolor to participate in the Israeli innovation ecosystem. Together with Lee Aviram of the Export Institute, we coordinated a three-day program packed with meetings with Israeli startups, VCs, incubators, and government officials, including a meeting with President Shimon Peres. We found the visit to be extremely successful and look forward to sharing more updates with you!

Full story (via Technicolor Press Release):

"As a technology company, Technicolor's future success hinges on its continued ability to advantage its customers through ongoing digital innovation around media-technology solutions. To achieve this innovation, Technicolor is looking to continue their world-class internal research and innovation and incubation activities, but also to engage in the worldwide innovation ecosystem. Outside of Silicon Valley, where Technicolor is increasingly active, Israel boasts the most fertile ground for technology innovation. During the visit, the team had the honor of meeting with Israeli President Shimon Peres where Frederic presented him with a framed plaque featuring a photographic element originally created for the 1939 MGM classic motion picture, Gone With the Wind. This transparency is the last remaining such element in the Technicolor archive related to this film, and President Peres was especially grateful for this treasured memento. As part of an intense three-day program, the Technicolor delegation visited Microsoft Ventures Accelerator – a leading entrepreneurial program in Israel – and participated in a networking event with the Israeli start-up industry, hosted by Microsoft and Video Tel Aviv, where they had the opportunity to meet directly with many emerging companies in the technology space. Frederic and his management delegation held discussions with several of the top Israeli start-ups, incubators and venture capitalists and found that the start-up industry in Israel is working on many of the same exciting opportunities as Technicolor in the fast-paced digital media marketplace. Specific opportunities for Technicolor resulting from the week's trip will now be prioritized and pursued."

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