Renault-Nissan to Launch Israel R&D Operations

Carasso Motors VP Avi Kenet told the Cars 2017 conference that Renault-Nissan is the latest carmaker looking to exploit Israel’s leading smart car capabilities.

This year, Renault-Nissan Alliance will join the ranks of carmakers and automotive industry companies which have launched R&D operations in Israel, revealed Carasso Motors VP trading Avi Kenet in a panel discussion at the Cars 2017 conference in Tel Aviv.

Kenet said that, this month, an agreement was signed in France with Renault-Nissan Alliance to establish an independent Technology Innovation Center for the company in Israel. The center’s operations will include locating technologies and new companies pertinent to the automotive industry, and will provide entrepreneurs access to the company’s global activity, which is the third largest in the global automotive industry.

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Author: abby

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