New Publications from Ministry of Finance

This month, the Ministry of Finance released an investors’ booklet that provides an in-depth look at the Israeli government’s support of entrepreneurs and R&D centers as well as a historic perspective on major developments in the field throughout the years. Ideal for both new investors and investors with more experience in Israel, the booklet discusses enhanced legislation, R&D incentives, and grants and support programs. 

Opportunity Israel: Enhanced Legislation, R&D Incentives, Grants and Support Programs

The ministry also released a booklet discussing the fundamental characteristics of the Israeli economy and the nation’s major economic developments throughout the years. Filled with insightful explanations and data, the booklet provides a comprehensive look at how Israel became the High-Tech powerhouse it is today.

The Israeli Economy: Fundamentals, Characteristics and Historic Overview

Please click here to see the investors’ booklet and here to see the economic overview. 

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