MobileOCT Diagnoses Cervical Cancer with a Smartphone

MobileOCT’s Detects Cervical Cancer with a Smartphone

Alarmed by the high rate of cervical cancer deaths in the developing world, Israeli company MobileOCT has developed a low cost imaging device that attaches to a smartphone camera to detect cervical cancer. The device turns a smartphone camera into a mobile colposcope, enabling community heathcare workers in developing countries to diagnose the deadly, but easily treatable disease without needing a medical clinic, electricity, or even running water.

The imaging device is the brainchild of Ariel Beery, a 35-year-old who moved to Israel from New York, and his longtime friend and optics expert David Levitz. MobileOCT’s remarkable device was awarded first prize at both the International Startup Festival’s Elevator World Tour in 2013 and the Vodafone America Foundation Awards in 2014. Even more impressive, however, is the fact that MobileOCT’s imaging device is already saving lives in Kenya, Botswana, Haiti, Mexico, and the United States as part of partnerships with the University of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts General Hospital’s Global Health Group, Scripps Health and Partners in Health. Additionally, Mobile OCT is partnering with NGOs across the world to distribute toolkits with imaging devices to community healthcare workers and nurses.

While the company’s devices currently diagnose cervical cancer, MobileOCT is at work on devices that can diagnose and help treat oral and skin cancer as well. As Beery explains, “More than five billion people around the world have access to mobile phones, but not to a physician. We can do what a $100,000 device can do on a mobile phone, with 10 times better magnification than using just the naked eye, raising diagnostic accuracy significantly.”

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