M-GO Partners with Beamr Video

Israeli video optimization startup Beamr Video has announced a new 4K partnership with M-GO, a premium over-the-top VOD service that is a joint venture between Technicolor and DreamWorks Animation. M-GO will be using Beamr Video to provide a best-in-class user experience for the company’s premium streaming service.

Having Beamr Video integrated with M-GO’s platform means a breakthrough in video quality and bandwidth utilization. It fits perfectly with M-GO’s strategy to leverage the best available technologies to address the growing bandwidth squeeze challenge, and they have found their technology to deliver network-friendly streams with excellent image quality, resulting in enhanced user experience and significant cost savings.

Beamr’s technology enables a smoother streaming experience with reduced buffering and faster stream starts, resulting in increased ARPU and higher customer satisfaction, in addition to reduced distribution costs. Recognizing these advantages, M-GO is now integrating Beamr Video into its video delivery workflow.

Beamr and M-GO have been in discussions since we hosted Technicolor's executive team in Israel in January 2014.

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Author: abby

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