Israeli Startup Gauzy Partners with Mercedes-Benz

An Israeli start-up, Gauzy, recently announced that its cutting edge technology has been incorporated into a new Mercedes Benz car of the future, which will enable its car window to display an array of multimedia displays. The company’s Liquid Crystal Glass innovation not only allows car windows to switch from opaque to transparent on demand, buts it multi-faceted functionality has essentially reinvented the ways in which users are now able to interact with what people once thought had reached its technological zenith with the advent of tinted glass.

Mercedes and Gauzy have teamed up to bid farewell to the days when looking through a window offered only the scenic views outside.

Now, when the windows are opaque, videos and images are projected onto them in HD quality. When the engine starts, Gauzy’s technology automatically transforms the glass back to being transparent, creating a magical visual effect, the likes of which thus far have been available in science fiction or James Bond movies.

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Author: abby

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