Israeli Start-ups Providing Essential Technology for Self-Driving Cars

Israel has no indigenous auto industry, but the country’s startup community is serious about autonomous vehicles and is producing a whole host of technologies to help make self-driving cars ready for market, as the infographic above shows. And the automotive industry is taking note. Five of the companies in the infographic have been acquired already. TowerSec, iOnRoad, and Redbend were acquired by Harman International Industries, which Samsung just agreed to buy for $8 billion – the South Korean company’s largest acquisition to date. Ford Motor Company purchased SAIPS in August 2016. And navigation and infotainment supplier NNG picked up Arilou Technologies over the summer.

The transition from semi-autonomous to fully autonomous vehicles is near, but we are not there yet. Israel’s autonomous vehicles startups, fueled by military expertise and a vibrant tech ecosystem, have built businesses out of the remaining technical hurdles. Via this side road, Israeli startups can help to satisfy the U.S. government’s safety concerns and meet the functional requirements of mass automated transportation. Tesla, Google, Uber, and the traditional automakers will tap into Israeli expertise to reach the finish line as fast as possible.

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Author: abby

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