Israeli Security Startup Announces $10M in New Funding

Israeli Security Startup Fortscale recently announced $10 million in new funding, which it will use to open its new Headquarters in Silicon Valley and to grow its Israeli R&D and analytics teams. Fortscale, a “startup showcase” finalist at the O’Reilly Strata + Hadoop World 2013 Conference, allows companies to detect suspicious behavior and discover compromised user accounts by comparing a user’s current actions to a log of the user’s past behavior. According to Fortscale CEO Idan Tendler, Fortscale offers an off-the-shelf solution that supplants multi-million dollar data analysis software projects currently used by Fortune 1000 companies and other cybersecurity customers. While Fortscale 1.0, the company’s current cybersecurity solution, remains in private beta, its commercial product is set to launch later this year.

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Author: abby

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