Israeli precision agriculture company, Taranis, closes round with $7.5M

As farmers around the world look to be more efficient when it comes to protecting their crops and more adaptable when it comes to sudden changes in weather, precision agriculture has become a focal point of the industry. Data Analytics and Machine Learning are buzz words around Silicon Valley and other tech hubs; Taranis has harassed that momentum and made big gains in farming communities.

Finistere Ventures, a leading AgTech and Life Sciences Venture Capital firm based out of San Diego, seems to be on board. They just announced closing a round of $7.5M, along with Vertex Ventures and other investors from Taranis’ seed-round, to help Taranis scale it platform around the globe.

Other companies coming out of Israel in the field are:




To learn more about Taranis’ investment round and the company, visit Israel21c.

Author: Ethan Goldspiel

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