Israeli Company Brightsource Featured in Wired Magazine

This month’s edition of Wired Magazine contained a feature on the record Solar Power deal between PG&E and Israel’s Brightsource. Brightsource will build and place in commercial operation seven plants, with the first project located in Ivanpah, California in the Mojave Desert. The project is expected to generate one third of California’s electricity from renewables by 2020. The report discusses the pros and cons of the new energy facility, citing advanced mirrors, new jobs, upgraded power grid, and less carbon as pros, and the cost, disrupted wildlife, cultural harm, and increased carbon as the cons. These projects have brought about a new standard for the efficient production of solar energy and lead the way to a cleaner future.

To see the full story featured in Wired Magazine, click HERE, and to read PG&E’s News Release on the deal with Brightsource, click HERE.

Author: abby

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