Intel’s new ‘merged reality’ headset sports made-in-Israel tech

Project Alloy, introduced this week in San Francisco, lets you move around in VR without bumping into real-world objects, utilizing RealSense, a Haifa-developed vision system.

“Alloy’s merged reality is made possible by Intel RealSense cameras attached to the headset and is not dependent on setting up any external sensors or cameras around the room,” said the company.

While it now belongs to the world, RealSense is a sabra at heart, according to senior Intel engineer Igal Iancu. “Israel is a hub of innovation in machine vision, chip development, and 3D technology. Israel was the natural place for the development of RealSense, which combines hardware and software to bring human-like senses to personal devices, so they can experience the world like we do.”

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Author: Ethan Goldspiel

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