Hutchison Kinrot CEO outlines 4 cleantech trends to pay attention to in 2017

Roy Weisner, CEO of Israeli cleantech venture capital firm and incubator Hutchison Kinrot, sat down for a conversation with SF-based Triple Pundit to discuss what he sees as the major areas of focus for 2017, including an Israeli companies that fits that trend.

  1. Circular Economy: as Roy describes it, “trash-to-treasure”
    1. 3PLW ( – anaerobic digestion for biomass
  2. Agriculture, Aquaculture and Food Technology: Feeding the world
    1. Waterator ( – energy efficenct aerator for the aquaculture industry
  3. Water-Energy Nexus: With exploding urban centers, how can we make using and cleaning water more energy efficient
    1. WellToDo ( – containment removal, no longer need to store waste
  4. Internet of Things 4.0: Using the mass amounts of data gathered from devices to make accurate, predictive assessments
    1. Etugo Technologies ( – Smart home platform without the need for a control device

To see the full discussion, visit Triple Pundit.


Author: Ethan Goldspiel

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