GE looks to further its reach in Israel, tap into the cyber-security sector

IDF Soldier monitoring for hacking activity

As a part of GE's effort to expand into the realm of cyber security, the tech giant will host a hackathon in Tel Aviv – hoping to tap into Israel's vast pool of talent. Specifically, GE is interested in protecting the industrial internet sector, an area they believe is vulnerable to both alternations to critical parts of the manufacturing process and complete shut downs. Participants in the hackathon will include, among others, high-level, past and current members from Israel's 8200 intelligence unit, Bank HaPoalim and AVG.

GE already has a base in Israel, with around 400 employees working health-related ventures. They have also signed an agreement with the Office of the Chief Scientist which allows Israeli start ups to receive assistance in the form of facilities usage and personnel help to advance projects within Israel's incubator programs.

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Author: abby

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