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Israeli IOT Delegation 2017

IoT World Santa Clara is one of the largest IoT events of the year with over 15,000 visitors. Focusing on the North America region, it also attracts visitors from Western Europe and Asia.

During the conference, The Israel Export Institute in cooperation with the Economic Trade Mission to the West Coast, is spearheading an Israeli delegation to showcase some of the most cutting edge, innovative technologies.

We welcome you to browse through the website and technologies, we will be happy to assist in scheduling relevant 1-1 B2B Meetings.

Check out the companies participating here: Israel@IOTWorld

To set up any meetings with the group feel free to contact Ethan Goldspiel

Company Description
Axonize IoT Backend-as-a-Service Platform
Dyadic The Hardware Security Module born in the cloud
eyeSight Touch-free Interfaces for Digital Devices
IPGallery Holistic & Integrative Smart City
IQP Platform for Code-free Application Creation
JPU Connectivity Management for IoT & Enterprise Mobility
Jumper The first IoT device virtualization platform
Prontoly Ultrasonic Identity Authentication
Solid Run SoMs, SBCs, and Mini Computers
Starhome Mach Global Roaming Solutions
Vayyar Portable 3D Imaging Sensor Manufacturer