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Israel at IBC 2014

The Israeli Broadcasting Technology Industry is back at IBC 2014, presenting a full spectrum of innovative solutions tailored for cables companies, satellite services, IPTV, OTT, content owners, TV networks, broadcasting equipment, smart TV and more.

The Israeli new media industry has developed rapidly over the last few years, with more than 600 companies classified as start-ups. They are characterized by innovation and entrepreneurship, with low production costs aiding competitiveness, and a willingness to adapt solutions to customer requirements.

Make your IBC 2014 visit a valuable experience—connect and interact with innovators in new media.

To see the portfolio of participating companies, please click here. 

If you plan to attend IBC 2014 and would like to meet with any of the companies in the Israeli Pavilion, please contact Sharon Eshaghian at sharon.eshaghian@israeltrade.gov.il

ABonAir http://www.abonair.com/ 

ABonAir's wireless broadcast transmitters provide reliable coverage in outdoor sports, breaking news and live-events. 


Applicaster  www.applicaster.com 

Applicaster provides broadcast solutions for cross-screen TV experiences, including live TV, second-screen and Social TV 


beamr video www.beamrvideo.com/ 

Beamr Video is a perceptual video optimizer, which cuts the bitrate of H.264 and HEVC streams without compromising their quality, enabling a smoother streaming experience and a significant reduction in video delivery costs. 




Celeno provides high performance Wi-Fi chips and software for demanding home networking applications. 


Fabrix Systems www.fabrixsystems.com 

Fabrix Systems provides a software-based, integrated storage and computing platform for media storage and processing. 


Kaltura www.kaltura.com 

Premium end-to-end solution form for personal and social pay Over-The-Top multiscreen TV services 


LATTO http://latto.tv/ 

LATTO provides innovative OTT business management solutions including revenue-, offer- and relationship management, allowing for easy monetization across screens.


LiveU www.liveu.tv/ 

LiveU is the industry leader in portable live video acquisition, contribution and management solutions. 


Pixellot http://pixellot.tv/ 

Pixellot is an affordable end-to-end alternative to the traditional outside broadcast video capture and production system. 


Tecsys Video Networks http://www.tecsys.tv/ 

Manufacturer of Professional Digital Video Head-End and Distribution Equipment supporting all standards and bridging all available infrastructures 


VBox www.vboxcomm.com 

VBox's DVB-to-IP TV Gateway allows for a simultaneous, multi-channel, multi-device live TV experience. 


VCodes www.vcodes.tv 

Vcodes provides custom-tailored video workflow solutions for broadcasters and OTT content providers.


VideoFlow http://video-flow.com 

VideoFlow open any network to deliver high quality live content to any glass 


The Video Point www.thevideopoint.com 

TVpoint is a provider of dynamic, personalized video content service for mobile & OTT TV service providers, and for hotel operators. 


Vidmind http://www.vidmind.com/ 

Vidmind’s turnkey OTT/DTT solution enables virtual TV operators to launch a primary TV Everywhere service far exceeding existing Pay-TV services. 


vimmi http://vimmi.net/ 

CDN reinvented for video – Global cloud platform that provides multiscreen HD video delivery and transcoding services 


Vodience http://www.vodience.tv/ 

2nd-screen/STB crowd-visualization software plug-in which reflects web and TV viewers as virtual audience