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Israel at CES 2018!

Following the success of last year’s delegation, we are proud to present you with the official Israeli delegation to CES 2018. Our delegation of 15 startups will be showcasing a wide set of solutions for the consumer electronics industry including virtual reality headsets, wearables, energy-saving smart-home devices, smart sensors, and more.

To see the full catalog of participating Israeli companies, please click here.

Israel has more than 500 consumer electronics and digital media companies whose offerings span the range of innovative solutions. They are active in the mobile device, smart home and smart TV, video and gaming, automotive, wearables, Internet of things and many other arenas. The Economic Mission and Israeli Export Institute are committed to advancing the Israeli consumer electronics and digital media industries by bringing together Israeli companies and leading consumer electronics companies from around the world.

For additional information or to set up meetings with the participating companies, please contact James Gadea 


Sands Convention Center
Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, United States.
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