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  • STARTNov 12th - 9:00am

  • ENDNov 15th - 5:00pm



HLS & Cyber Conference 2018

The 5th International HLS & CYBER Conference is a biennial event that combines a comprehensive exhibition of the most recent technological advancements and the latest developments with the presence of and insights by some of the leading international experts in the field and one-on-one meetings with high-level executives from the most reputable security firms in the world.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet industry leaders and government officials, from Israel and around the world, who will share their expertise and operational experience in handling security challenges, all the while discovering Israel’s latest technological solutions on the market at the 5th International HLS & CYBER Conference in Tel Aviv, on November 12-15, 2018.

In the field of HLS & Cyber, the Israeli industry provides an extensive array of outstanding and innovative technologies specifically designed to counter a variety of threats in an ever-changing world.

For more information, please contact James Gadea (HLS) or Sharon Eshaghian (Cyber Security).