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The world of podcasting is a growing market. 10B hours are consumed per year by 51% of Americans (every 2nd person is listening to a podcast!) This number is forecasted to 14B hours/year by 2020! Becoming a podcaster is an actual profession with people making a living of $100-$200k/yr from podcasting alone by making 1-3 episodes a week. This is while many people are trying to enter this growing market.

Creating podcasts sounds easy but it is actually not at all. Therefore many people are trying and failing entering this highly effective communication channel.

ZCast was built to remove the challenges on multiple fronts: Recording group podcasts, broadcasting live shows, and helping with the distribution of the content to places such as iTunes and Google Play, and social networks.

The market for ZCast is a subscription base model that is estimated at $100M/yr based on less than 2% market penetration.

About The Founders:

ZCast was founded by Raz Yalov (CEO/CTO) and Hillel Fuld (CMO). Both are experienced high-tech figures in their respective areas.

Raz worked for companies such as Mercury Interactive during its growth phase that brought to the acquisition by HP, as well as most recently being the CTO and a founding team member of “41st Parameter”, a fraud prevention company that was acquired in Oct 2013 by Experian for $340M.

Hillel, is a well known marketing guru and a major advocate of the “Startup Nation”. He is a strategic advisor for many startups, a mentor in numerous accelerators and incubators in Israel including Google and Microsoft, and is a contributor to various magazines such as Business Insider, Mashable, The Huffington Post VentureBeat and others.

Raz and Hillel were both hired by Zula Inc, as CEO and CMO and have been working together for almost 2 years now, and after they executed the successful pivot of Zula into ZCast, in April of 2016, they got the Zula board’s blessing to spin-off ZCast into its own company with Raz and Hillel as co-founders.