BioCatch Raises $10M

Israeli Cybersecurity startup BioCatch recently announced the ending of a successful Series A round of funding that yielded $10 million from Blumberg Capital and OurCrowd. The startup plans to use this capital to expand its R&D and to continue to develop in the important North American, European, and Brazilian markets. By collecting and analyzing bio-behavioral, cognitive, and psychological parameters, BioCatch’s “behavioural biometric authentication and threat detection” technology allows banks and e-commerce companies to build unique profiles for its users and prevent online fraud before it happens. This technology enables BioCatch to authenticate users by comparing the user’s typical behavior (i.e. the way a user usually moves the mouse across the screen) to behavior that appears to be unfamiliar or consistent with fraudsters. This technology acts as a company’s “last line of defense”, supplementing existing authentication and fraud detection to limit risky transactions and prevent various cyber-attacks such as Account Takeovers, Malware, and Remote Access Attacks.

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Author: abby

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