Aston Martin in Israel

The Auto Art Company has formally initiated sales of the Aston Martin sports car in Israel. Haim Danino, the brother of Israeli Police Inspector General, was the brains behind this historical auto industry launch.

For years, Aston Martin, had been aware of the growing Israeli interest in the purchase of their luxury brand.  After 16-20 cars had already been shipped to Israel, it seemed only fair to open a branch.

The branch has been opened, and is now based in Herzliya. The branch will exhibit the company’s four premier models.

According to a quote retrieved from Globes Israel, the company said, "We were surprised at the number of those interested and the demand from Israeli customers, even before official marketing has begun."

Who knew so many Israelis wanted to feel like James Bond? They certainly deserve to feel like Mr. 007 himself when the car has a price tag of 1 million NIS!

Author: abby

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